Goldee Heart Performs "Give Me A Minute"

I was thinking of my experiences as a musician in Richmond, VA and trying to remember the acts I've performed with that...

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"Not Talking" enters EURO Indie Top Ten 2/1/2017

"Not Talking" Single Released 12/16/2016!

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\March 10th 2016 Goldee Heart EuroIndieMusic Chart Number One

March 3rd 2016 Goldee Heart EuroIndieMusic Chart Number One

February 18th 2016 Goldee Heart EuroIndieMusic Chart Number One

EURO Indie Music Charts on 02/11/2016

Here is the new Euro Indie Music Chart in collaboration with AudioCoop // on the podium we find the Jade sector, followed by Goldee Heart and Strawberries.

As usual, we return with the Euro Indie Music Chart, the indie music ranking better heard and loved in Europe, in collaboration with MEI, Audiocoop, Musik and Film, Musik Radio Promotions and Omni Music Group. This week ranked first Swiss Jade Sector with Nero, followed by Goldee Heart and Italians Strawberries with their Dalida Dalida. The public voting are open until Wednesday 10 February at 14. The ranking is drawn up on the basis of its affiliated radio broadcasts at the European Indie Music Network and the liking of the public, in fact, through this link ( you can vote for your favorite song, including those in list or among those to your liking, before 14.00 on Wednesday 17 February. NOTE: To be considered valid votes those where it is reported to be the band's name (or artist) is the name of the song. They will be considered VOID incomplete grades. The songs that will be in the top 20 of the classification drawn up on the third Thursday of the month will be re-transmitted again during the following calendar month. They are considered in calculating the transmitted songs and the votes in the last five weeks, but there is an additional weight to give more emphasis to those broadcast more recently. The value of this weight is calculated in the following manner: x1, x 0.8, 0.6 x, 0.4 x, 0.2 x

February 11th 2016 Goldee Heart EuroIndieMusic Chart Number Two

Reverbnation Charts on 12/11/2015

Richmond Revernation Charts Goldee heart Number One

"TONITE" Single Released 11/10/2015!

Goldee Heart Single Tonite Cover Art

The Seeds of "So Fine"

The Seeds of "So Fine" (Reenactment)

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Richmond, Va. Reverbnation Pop Charts for 4/28/2014!

Richmond Revernation Charts Goldee heart Number One

"SO FINE" Single Released!

Goldee Heart: So Fine


Goldee Heart Aftermath CD Cover Art




Richmond Revernation Charts Goldee Heart Number One

Goldee Heart: Under Covers


On February 5, 2012 Goldee Heart reached Number One on Reverbnation Music Charts with material from Days Gone By for Richmond, Va!

Richmond Revernation Charts Goldee Heart Number One

On September 9, 2011 No Bounds Band reached Number One on Reverbnation Music Charts with their Blind Love single produced by Goldee Heart and written by Leslie Bowe for Richmond, Va!

Goldee Heart is now producing a CD release for 2012. More details to come!

My Space week of  9/29/08
Goldee Heart Virginia R&B  #1 Indie Artist

My Space Music Charts Goldee Heart Indie Number One

American Idol Underground 11/1/07
Goldee Heart Remains in R&B Top Ten at #3
American Idol Underground Charts Goldee heart Number Three

American Idol Underground 5/1/07

Promises now stands at Number 8 in the Spring 2007 R&B Competition at American Idol Underground! Thank you for your support!

American Idol Underground 4/25/07

After two weeks on the charts Goldee Heart has moved into the American Idol Underground R&B Charts Top ten with Getupa. Getupa moved 172 positions in the last week to reach the Top Ten! Thank you for your support!

American Idol Magazine 4/23/07

American Idol Magazine

Goldee Heart has been mentioned in Volume 3 Issue 2 Page 3 of the American Idol Magazine. Best Emerging Artists of 2006!

The Best So Far Is Here!

Rest In Peace Godfather

Sincere congratulations to a very talented Richmond Idol Elliott Yamin!

Goldee Heart 1st Place Winner at American Idol Underground!

American Idol Underground Winner

This Week 1/18/06 Number One!

This Week 7/25/05 Two Top Tens!

ILR Australian Radio Charts Goldee Heart Number Seven
5/27/05 Goldee Heart Enters Top Ten at KAOSFM Radio Australia!
Virginia Indie Award Show Brochure
1st Annual R&B Independent Artist Awards
April 2, 2005, 7 pm
Goldee Heart Accepts Awards
In Two Catagories!
Goldee's Medley Performance included
"You Are My Heart" (Chapter 3 CD)
"1 Day Soon"  (Point Of View CD)
"Computer Love" (Promises CD)
"Getupa" (Chapter 3 CD)
"Burning" (Promises CD)

"I've rarely seen such a wide range of talent and creativity in one room. Please know how much your expressions of support, encouragement, and recognition mean to me, as well as all of the other multi-talented independent artists who participated in this event, I'm sure." Goldee Heart.

Thanks JLF Marketing and all who voted for Goldee Heart!
Goldee Heart Pictured with Two Awards Won

Special Thanks to Chris and Nikki of the Chris Daniels Show
 in Fresno,CA for having
 Goldee Heart as their guest!

01 02 01 34 "Rain on my party"
Goldee Heart
02 01 01 13 "If I can be with you"
Lee Cave-Berry
03 03 03 11 "Yours Truly Redux"
Lee Cave-Berry
04 06 04 09 "Heart to heart"
Goldee Heart
05 04 04 09 "Twisted Cupid"
Slow Train
06 05 04 11 "Under your spell"
07 07 07 07 "Makanou"
Yaya Diallo
08 08 08 07 "The perfect Wait"
Future Kings of Spain
09 - 09 01 "Clean"
Solar Flare
10 09 08 07 "Take your own advice"
Danyluk & card

Goldee Heart six times placed Number One in Independent KAOSFM Program!

Rain On My Party remained Thirty-Four weeks in the Top Ten!

Preceded by "Hey DJ" , "Heart To Heart" and later "Messin Around" at Number One.

"Promises" at Number #4.

 "You Are My Heart" Top Ten Week Five 2005

"Messin Around" Top Ten Week Sixteen 2005

"Messin Around" Top Ten Week Forty-Nine 2005

Australian Radio Station Adds

ILR Australian Radio Charts Goldee Heart Number Two